The Tabernacle Generation

Read my dream "The Tabernacle Generation" I had on Tuesday, october 25, 2005 at 3:30 AM

The beginning of the dream escapes me.

I am in the dream myself, ill, I throw up.

My (old) mother is there, she takes care of me.

My eldest sister is there.

After that my father also is ill.

I am in the presence of my godfather.

Present is also his eldest son (= who in reality is dead =), and in the dream he is mocking my godfather. I, who am a christian, look at him severely. Then I say, but the words come from far: "honor your father and your mother".

What follows is astonishing:

We all are in a home or appartment and from an open window / terrace we overlook the town, with much green, FAR AWAY SUDDENLY AN EXPLOSION ORIGINATES, VISIBLE THROUGH A CLOUD THAT STARTS FROM THE GROUND, AND KEEPS GETTING BIGGER AND APPROACHES US.

Someone is sent to the future in a spaceship like in "the planet of the apes".
The atomic cloud, because it is a worldwide atomic attack, is already near us when I realize "I am going to the Father", and I say, shout, "en tus manos encomiendo mi espíritu" (into your hands I commit my spirit), gesturing with my hand that I take my heart / soul out of my chest and throw it away upward.
What follows is in the future. The person who had escaped to the future with the spaceship arrives. On earth? On a new earth? There are curious ones. A president, american name, who has cofounded or has been at the origin of the T.B.B. (Tabernáculo Bíblico Bautista, a large baptist church in El Salvador), says: "The Tabernacle Generation".



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